I’ve been involved in the Automotive service business since 1977 and over the last 40 something years, I’ve come to know great products when I see them. I’d like to share that experience with you by recommending any of these excellent products for a quick comparison of what’s available right now.

My favorite is the Gripper Automatic Tire Inflator which is Fast, strong and accurate, the “GRIPPER” is a fully automated digital system to inflate tires. The most advanced tire inflator/deflator equipment worldwide, the “GRIPPER” has more than 20,000 units installed at quick lube and tire shops across the US.

They’ve spent ever 20 years perfecting its design using world-class engineers to make sure it works all year round in the most severe conditions that include Arctic weather with temperatures below -40 or in the hottest and most humid jungles in the world. Nothing stops their product from performing exactly what it was designed to do, all day long, every day of the year, in ice or rain or intense summer heat, without ever missing a heartbeat. The only thing that will stop it is something bigger than a sledgehammer. If you’ve got air supply then the GRIPPER can regulate it and dispense it automatically up to 145 pounds of air pressure.

Imagine, never having to keep checking to see if there is enough, or the right amount, of air pressure to inflate your tire. Just dial it up and attach it to your tire without any worries about having to check it again. It automatically stops and notifies you when it hits your target air pressure in your tire. You can also set it up with a 5 port manifold to do all 4 tires at the same time. Check out their excellent documentation for details.

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